All India Bank Strike on 25th September 2013 – Joint call by BEFI and AIBEA – OUR SUPPORT/SOLIDARITY

All India Regional Rural Bank Employees Association Kolkata – 52

Circular No. 101                                                                                                                                     Date:-03.09.2013



All Office Bearers, All Units,

All Members of the Central Committee & State Secretaries,


Dear Comrades,


Subject: – All India Bank Strike on 25th September 2013 – Joint call by BEFI and AIBEA – OUR SUPPORT/SOLIDARITY


We have already sent/forwarded to you the Copy of BEFI Circular No.27/2013 dated 26th August 2013 and the Joint call of the BEFI and AIBEA dated 27.08.2013, speaking for themselves, declaring the above All India Bank strike, demanding –

  • Stop Banking Sector Reforms
  • Stop Merger and consolidation of banks
  • Do not close down Associate Banks
  • De-link Associate Banks and make them independent
  • Stop banking licenses to Corporates and Business Houses.


There cannot be any debate on the importance and gravity of the issues raised. We, therefore cannot but extend our whole hearted support and solidarity to the above Strike action followed by some demonstrative programmes.


UFBU vide its circular dated 26/08/2013 advised all its constituents as under –


“All our members are requested to extend fraternal support to the ‘All India Bank Strike’ on 25th September 2013 and express their show of solidarity by participating in the demonstrative programmes/rallies to be held by AIBEA and BEFI on the day of strike in their respective places/centers.”


We also request all our Units/members to show our solidarity by taking part in all demonstrative programmes/rallies to be observed by members of above two organizations to help them make this Strike a grand success.


With greetings,

Yours fraternally


(Secretary General)