Promotion in amalgamating RRB

D.O.. Letter No.-659 COPY Date- 13.10.2012

Respected Shri Ramakrishna Ji,

Sub:- Promotion in amalgamating RRB

Your letter dt. 3rd October, 2012 to SBI has now been interpreted in different ways by the Regional offices, Sponsor Banks and RRBs.

In case of Cauvery Kalpataru G.B. even after issuance of promotional circular did not implement the promotion order at the intervention of State Bank of Mysore. Similar episode has happened in case of Satpura Narmada Gramin Bank just due to misinterpretation by your Regional Office.

Uttaranchal Gramin Bank has gone ahead with the promotion process. SBI has taken up the issue with Bank of Baroda for doing the needful in this regard so that both Uttaranchal G.B. and Nainital Almora G.B. start and complete the process for promotion before amalgamation.

Surguja Ksh. Gramin Bank has almost completed the process for recruitment and when they were going to start the process for promotion, your letter dt. 3rd October, 2012 has compelled them to halt the process. Here also SBI being the Sponsor Bank after amalgamation will have to take the lead as per your circular.

Prior to amalgamation, all the RRBs have separate legal entity and separate Sponsor Bank. It is not understood why and in which capacity the amalgamating RRB will have to take the burden of contacting the new Sponsor Bank when they have their own Sponsor Bank. Why any amalgamating RRB will have to delay or deny the promotion process where they have gone ahead simply because one such RRB has not started the process? Why the staff members of an efficient RRB would be punished for the failure of another RRB?

However SBI has convened a meeting on 16th October, 2012 with the RRBs facing amalgamation in their own area along with the Management of the outgoing Sponsor Bank. Similar action can be taken by the concerned Sponsor Bank where the RRBs Sponsored by them facing amalgamation and they will have to lead in the post amalgamation scenario.

With regards

Yours faithfully

Dilip Kumar Mukherjee

Secretary General, AIRRBEA

Shri A. Ramakrishna

Deputy General Manager



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